Plaque: A tribute to mum

Saturday, May 25, 2013

With the passing of dad in March 2012; the chapters had closed on the Nanyang Narratives that is essentially about the eventful life stories of two persons from vastly different parts of the world yet sharing common cultures and values to come together and met up; then to join in marriage and struggled mightily to ensure a better life for themselves and families. So I thought of producing a music video comprising of many photos taken (mom and dad are superb chronicles who liked to take photos for remembrances - a cultural trait of Chinese civilization that are historians extraordinaire; many countries of Asia would be vastly impoverished if the Chinese historians had not recorded their early histories) as a tribute to mom and dad for their meaningful lives. Both mom and dad are very diligent and they were highly decent individuals whose lives were sermons for they both walk the talk.... Mom & dad, we love you and will always miss you both. thanks so much for everything...

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